Welcome and thank you for choosing Stanwood Camano Physical Therapy for your physical therapy needs.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and will work hard to help you recover from your injury.  It is our goal to exceed your expectations for your care at this clinic.  We will also strive to educate you about how your body moves.  Our goal is that you become an expert on your body and how your postures and mechanics impact your injury and recovery.  During therapy, we expect you to be an active participant in your recovery both in and outside of the clinic.  You will be given home exercises to do and it is essential for you to do them consistently.  If you ever have suggestions regarding your treatment please let your therapist know as soon as possible.  We are very open to constructive criticism and welcome any comments that will help improve our service.


What to Expect:
  • Upon arriving for your evaluation, you will be asked to fill out some paper work, if you haven’t already done so.   (Link To Patient Forms Page)
  • We will ask you for a prescription from your doctor, a copy of your insurance card and a copy of your Driver’s License.
  • If applicable, you will be asked to pay your co-payment at the beginning of each session. (We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.)
  • Your appointments last from 45-60.
  • Based on the results of the evaluation and the Physician’s recommendations, the Physical Therapist will determine the number of follow-up visits per week.
  • Dress comfortably for your evaluation in loose fitting clothing.  Shorts, athletic pants, tank tops, and/or t-shirts are all appropriate depending on what part of the body we are evaluating. (No Jeans)
  • Wear closed toed shoes, preferably a pair of stable tennis shoes.

Check list of what to bring to your first appointment:

  • Patient Information Sheet
  • Patient Consent
  • TAOS functional analysis, if applicable
  • Please remember to bring a prescription for physical therapy from your referring physician if it hasn’t already been faxed to our office.
  • We will need to make a copy of your insurance card/cards, and your driver’s license.



INSURANCE: It is your responsibility, as the patient, to know what your insurance limitations are; deductible, copay and restrictions. If your insurance requires pre-authorization, you are responsible for assuring that you have the proper authorization from your insurance before being seen.  You are responsible for all costs not covered by your insurance company, co-pays, and cancellation or no show fees.

CANCELLATION/NO SHOW POLICY:   We understand that occasionally things come up that require you to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Out of consideration for other patients that need to schedule appointments, we will require an 8 hour notice for any appointment cancellations in order to avoid a $25 cancellation fee. You will also be charged if you do not show up for your appointment.  If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to ask.

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