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Stanwood Camano Physical Therapy was started by Joe Bolewicz in 2000 when he saw a need for more functional exercise and movement in the prevention and care of injuries. What started as a one man show has quickly blossomed into a staff of 12+ clinicians and support staff. Clinicians and support staff collaborate in 3 person teams to provide continuity of patient care. This allows them to go above and beyond expectations when it comes to patients achieving their goals of leading a pain-free and active lifestyle.
Stanwood Camano Physical Therapy uses principles, strategies and techniques of Applied Functional Science developed by the Gray Institute to design and guide patient treatments. By training the body as an entire system, therapists can get down to the root causes of an injury and decrease chance of developing a new injury once therapy concludes. In an effort to support patients after successful completion of physical therapy, Coach Joe’s Fitness Academy was formed.
Coach Joe’s Fitness Academy currently runs classes in the clinic to offer fitness enthusiasts as well as first time exercisers classes that are fun, provide variety, and are balanced in movements. Go to Fitness Classes.
The Academy is also present in local schools by running camps to teach younger kids functional movements through play-type activities and even run a kids fitness class twice a week at their facility that features custom floors (like the ones seen in Olympic venues), a horizontal climbing wall and ample space to move. The children’s attendance in fitness program raises donations to benefit local children. Go to Youth Fitness.
Joe and the staff at Stanwood Camano Physical Therapy are dedicated to children and youth fitness. Joe is a presenter in the health, fitness and medical field on the topics of youth fitness and movement development and has sparked the rethinking of how children are trained in the minds of many professionals.

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